F27 is a new, revolutionary experience that uses liquid nitrogen to create ice cream in 60 seconds. This unique, molecular journey starts with choices of natural & organic ingredients, offers a magical presentation with cool, white smoke and produces the finest quality, taste and texture of ice-cream today.

What does F27 Stand for?

F27 stands for Fahrenheit 27, the temperature needed to transform the base product into ice cream.

What do we do ?

F27 creates the ice cream of your choice in seconds right before your eyes.  Flavors and combinations are limitless. The base product is adapted to your preference. We use organic and vegan options, sorbet and dairy based products.

How do we make it ?

With F27’s custom-made machines are built to safely dispense liquid nitrogen into a bowl turning the base product into ice cream within 60 seconds.

Why is F27 ice cream so delicious ?

Due to the process of liquid nitrogen rapid freezing, the ice crystals in the ice cream are reduced resulting in an exquisitely smooth velvety texture.

What makes F27 so special ?

It is show time! The liquid nitrogen used in our process gives off a cool cloud of white smoke that disperses over the counter. The effect is sensational and entices the audiences senses before they savor our ice cream.

Join F27™, The beginning of a journey…