What kind of location should I look for ?

F27 concept store is located in a high traffic areas, prominent touristic places, shopping mall, store front location around high-end residential neighborhood.

The typical size of a F27 concept store range between 300 to 800 square feet and may vary if seating is required.

F27 will provide the guideline and criteria to help you identify the perfect location based on our market research overview (population density, traffic patterns, parking accessibility etc.) as well as your valued input.

How long will it take to open a F27 location?

Upon signed agreement, approximately 60 days to open your business.

Time line may vary based on business licenses, permits, leasehold improvements requisite to setup the store in compliance with mall and F27 standard.

What kind of support will I receive?

  • Drawing – Layout strategic placement of the machine – installation
  • Survey of store and location*
  • Advise on general store equipment and supplies
  • Pre and Post operational training – Grand Opening guidance
  • Ongoing support from F27’s staff. We want you to feel confident with your daily operations; guidance and support are never more than a phone call or email away from our F27 support team.
  • Menu proposal
  • Insightic, monitoring and business operation assistance

*What the survey will determine:

  • Customer survey for estimated amount of walk-in.
  • Need of employees based on location and square footage
  • Budgeting the right amount of F27 machine and equipment needed
  • Set –up of insightic for daily, monthly monitoring of sales with POS suggestion.
  • Camera options (duly recommended).

How much does it cost to open a F27 Concept store?

The estimated cost is determined by size of the store and machinery needed.

How to apply?

To apply download and fill out the F27 application

After we reviewed your application, our F27 Development Director will arrange to meet with you to further discuss the F27 opportunities.